Halloween Treats

Halloween Treats on Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

Halloween Treats: 2 Easy Recipes

Though I didn’t get to make any of these treats this year, they have both been on my table at some point or another! They are very easy (and fun) and so I thought I’d share them with you in case you want to add them to you Halloween party menu!

We called this Shrunken Heads in Blood Punch… or something similar. It was super cute!

Ingredients: Peeled apples Paring knife Bowl of punch Gummy worms and ice cube tray (optional) Instructions: Carefully use a paring knife to carve out faces from your already peeled apples. Throw said apples in punch. (Your favorite rum punch will do, as long as it’s red!) Enjoy. Tip: TOO EASY? Add some floating worms just as guests arrive! Achieve this by putting gummy worms (the non-sugar coated ones) in an ice cube tray with some of the punch. Let freeze. The punch ice cubes melt pretty quickly and all the worms will sink to the bottom so be sure to do it at the last moment!

Next up, you’ll use more of those gummy worms to make Worms In Dirt Cupcakes!

Ingredients: Oreo Cookies Something heavy like a meat tenderizer Ziploc or other heavy duty food storage bag Gummy worms Already cooled and iced cupcakes Instructions: Places Oreo Cookies in Ziploc bag. Grab meat tenderizer, hammer, bottle, can, or something else heavy and not easily broken. Take life’s aggression out on cookies, turning them in to cookie crumb dirt. Sprinkle cookie crumb dirt all over pre-made and iced cupcakes (chocolate icing will lend itself to your whole dirt theme!) Use straw, chopstick or your fingers if they are clean and poke a few holes in random places in cupcakes. Stick worms out of those holes, to look like they are rising out of the dirt. Enjoy.

Tips: Get creative with your cupcakes! Use more Oreos and M&Ms to make Owl eyes and the tip of a yellow worm to decorate a beak. Use orange and black frosting to make spiderwebs using a toothpick. Frankenstein can be made with cookie crumbs as hair and mini marshmallows as bolts in his neck. Make little devils or pumpkins by using appropriately colored icing and gum drops. Use your imagination! These are super fun to make as adults and even more so as kids!

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What is on your Halloween Menu?

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea DIY

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea: Animal Headbands DIY by Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

Last Minute Halloween Costume Idea DIY: Animal Headbands

Tomorrow is finally Halloween! While Husband and I will be Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass later on in the evening at the annual Halloween party we go to, we need something fun for when the kids come trick-or-treating earlier in the evening. I have a cute vampire bat face dress I got on Etsy a few years ago that I’ll pair with a little witch’s hat I have and some tights. Our storage unit has a cowboy hat and pirate hat that Husband could have worn, but we haven’t had the chance to get over there yet, so he has nothing fun at the ready. But don’t worry, I’ve fixed that issue in 5 minutes! …read more 

Wordless Wednesday: Boardwalk

Wordless Wednesday: Boardwalk on Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

Wordless Wednesday: Boardwalk

As mentioned yesterday in my National Chocolate Day post, Husband and I went away for a long weekend to celebrate our one-year-married-anniversary. We headed to Atlantic City where we enjoyed free rooms, penny slots, lots of hot chocolates and coffees with Bailey’s while playing said slots, a couple gorgeous days walking the boardwalk and an extensive (and expensive) AC Outlets shopping trip. You wouldn’t think late October would be so nice on the shore, but it was so warm outside we couldn’t even handle wearing our jackets. The above pic is a shot of the boardwalk leading down to the beach, and below is one of the sand!  …read more 

Happy National Chocolate Day!

Happy National Chocolate Day! on Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

There are a few holidays I absolutely insist on celebrating because of their sheer importance in this world. National Chocolate Day is obviously one of them. While away on our one-year-anniversary-trip this past weekend, we stopped in a little shop that had a whole section devoted to Milka chocolate bars and other items (surprisingly a Kraft Food’s brand, unsurprisingly not as delicious here as in Europe, but still more wonderful than other chocolates). I bought a couple bars to save for today so that I could celebrate this most holy day! Happy National Chocolate Day, one and all!

How will you be celebrating?

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Mabel is a great help when it comes to stuffing the animals I’m sewing. She makes sure no one touches the filling but me. And her.