10 Free Bag Tutorials

10 Free Bag Tutorials on Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

I love finding blog posts that host a whole array of free patterns all together in one list, so I figured, “Why not do that myself?” One of the very first things I ever tried to sew was a reversible tote bag, and it’s still one of my favorite ones to date. Here are even more great bag patterns so that you have your pick at bunch! …read more 

Wordless Wednesday: Vatican City

Wordless Wednesday: Vatican City on Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

Wordless Wednesday: Vatican City

On our honeymoon to Italy, we crammed a lot of awesome stuff in to our small trip. One of the things we visited while in Rome was the Vatican. This was a view from the window of St. Peter’s Basilica (or the Sistine Chapel… I can’t remember which). I’ve always been a huge fan of city views, but the ones in Italy definitely take the cake. …read more 

Mabel Loves Boots on Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

I threw all my boots up on our bench so I could sweep the floor. Mabel thought it meant they were hers. She is obviously channeling her inner kitten (see below!)

Mabel Loves Boots on Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

What funny things do your pets do?

How To Make Baby Headbands

How To Make a Baby Headband Tutorial by Katie Crafts; http://katiecrafts.com

Project: How To Make Baby Headbands

Last week, you learned how to make those adorable 5 minute tulle pom pom flowers… and now you know why! It is so that you can make your very own super sweet baby headbands! (But let’s be honest, you can make one for yourself, too, if you really want!) My bestie from home is due to have her second child, this time a little girl, in about three weeks. Obviously, she needed some newborn headbands to rock in the nursery. I felt I had to step in and help! …read more